Touch screen survey systems
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Touch Screen Survey Systems And Beyond

Why touch screen survey systems?

While touch screen computers have been around for a long time, only in the last decade touch screen computers went mainstream with applications like ATM's, airline ticket kiosks, grocery check-out kiosks, information kiosks and other self-service applications. In most recent years, the market success of devices like tablet PCs, ultra mobile PCs, and the Apple iPhone confirmed that touch screen technology fares well among consumers.

Why touch screen survey systems for market research?

  • Ease of use: Anybody can participate in a touch screen survey; does not need computer knowledge, no part of the population needs to be left out
  • Fast : Touch the answer and go to the desired next question
  • Direct : A tap on the desired button is all that is needed to proceed
  • Cost-efficient: Because touch screen surveys are really fast, more results can be collected
  • Time-saving: While paper surveys require weeks and months to be compiled, touch screen survey results are instantaneously available without causing additional labor
  • Elimination of interviewer errors: Computer-aided face-to-face interviews quickly guide the interviewer through the questionnaires. The interviewer can concentrate on the respondent's answers rather than concentrating on the GO TO instructions
  • Automation with electronic data: Computer-aided surveys streamline processes and yield more and higher quality results in less time
  • Timeliness and accuracy of actionable insights ultimately helps to keep clients satisfied with the services

Additional considerations why touch screen survey systems are beneficial for market research, customer feedback surveys and opinion polls

  • Certain survey projects require on-site survey data collection - touch screen survey systems are ideal for on-site surveys
  • Paper surveys in the mail do not yield satisfactory response rates
  • Where self-administered surveys are feasible, dramatic cost savings can be achieved as interviewers are not required
  • Where only face-to-face interviews will do, the computer-aided surveys greatly help to keep the fielding periods short 
  • Elimination of paper waste - it takes more than one tree to produce just 10 reams of paper
  • Contribution to a sustainable environment,  Consider: One sheet of paper can be used only once; a computer is reused for years and can collect a virtually unlimited number of responses before it needs to be replaced




What are touch screen survey systems?

Touch screen survey systems gather feedback from survey responses at the point of sale, point of care or point of service. Other than web surveys or online surveys, touch screen surveys do not require permanent internet connection. One of the leading touch screen survey system solution providers is CREOSO in Phoenix Arizona.

What data collection processes are supported?
  • Self-administered surveys
  • Interviewer-assisted surveys

What hardware is used for touch screen survey data collection?

  • Handheld touch screen computers, e.g. ultra mobile PCs and tablet PCs for interviewer-assisted surveys
  • All-in-one touch screen computers and touch screen kiosks for self-administered surveys

What software is used for touch screen survey data collection?



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